About Us

We create ViSUALS that accomplish our client’s goals.

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We the Skylarks are larking it up!

We are the fun loving busy bees who give your aspirations wings – born out of creativity, uniqueness and sincerity. We, at Skylark Studio, design gripping ways of communication so that your ambitions may fly high. What we hate most is all the things boring or cliché and we are in love with originality! So every piece of idea, we come up with, reflects our energy to invent something unparallel. We build images that flare up people’s imagination. More than a creative agency, here we are the bunch of dreamers – eager to dream your dream and transform it into reality. And we believe: reality tastes beautiful only with success.

What we do to lark about

Work is fun for us! So we keep on having fun 24X7 nonstop – yes, by working! Based in Kolkata, India, Skylark Studio is a neoteric creative communications agency. And while larking about since 2008, we have gained a reputation for our excellence in specialized Multimedia and Technological Solutions. Skylark studio has garnered laurels in all kinds of creative communications such as –

2D and 3D Animations, 3D Architectural Exterior, 3D Interior Design, 3D Walkthrough, Brochures, Corporate Film, Event Photography and Video, Aftermovies, VR Video, TV Commercials, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Websites, Graphic Design and more

our Clients

Skylark Studio’s broad range of services has catered to a wide gamut of the world’s major industries and the entire spectrum of clientele both Nationally and Internationally. Below are some of the client profiles we cater to:

our people

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